Multiply Streams of Income Is The Only Way To Wealth!



"Give A Man A Fish and Feed Him For A Day,

Teach Him To Fish And Will Eat A Lifetime" - Unknown


In our Republic's early years, no colleges and universities taught Americans how to grow wealth. Instead, Americans, like babies, learn what they lived. In other words, they learned through what was then called Apprenticeship Training. They watched and worked with someone who was doing something they were forced to do or wanted to know how to do.  


Come!  Let us teach you "How-2-Fish! 


We are 100% convinced that the Apprenticeship Training Process still works, and we are eager to take you in and work with you; however, before we commit to that, we want you to understand the following:  



Although we all have different mindsets, the are only three essential mindsets 


"The most important question anyone can ask is:

"What myth am I living?" - Carl Jung


Although everyone's mindset is unique, the three essential mindsets that we all must be aware of is as follows: 


Fixed Mindsets, Growth Mindsets, and Benefit Mindsets. 


Collectively, they reflect the most common beliefs we hold about ourselves, our environment, the world around us and... "OUR MONEY!"


What we are going to need to learn is which of the above mindsets are you dominate mindset and this is critically important if you desire to life your best life!


My son and I have been teaching money and financial well-being for many years. We have had some successes BUT far more failures than successes.  We, after much discussion, study and review, are convinced that the secret to success or failure in finanical management are the same as in all areas of life!  Success in all areas, including any financial successes you may have are greatly affected by one or more of the following areas of our Mindset and our thinking:





Because we feel that our program's "Holy Grail" lies in the type of mindset one has, we will spend at least two and possibly three secessions talking about how one's mindset is created!  And when necessary we will work through how one's mindset can be "Rewired for Success!"


You will also learn the following


  • Why 90 - 95% of the people in North America are not living the life they want and what can be done to change things

  • How the things you learned as a child are affecting your "Money Mindset Today" 

  • Several critical questions you must answer if you're going to live your ideal life 

  • What you must have occur in order to get "Fired-Up" about your future, (CLD 1997)!

  • How to become clear on precisely what you want, (RJD 1998)

  • How the application of just one straightforward success principle can change your life, almost immediately (SF66), (RJD 1998)!

  • A system for creating wealth and happiness, and fulfillment in your life 

  • Where your money mindset came from and what has to be done in order to move forward finanically 

  • Why developing multiple streams of income is so critical *

  • And there is so much more

Fair Warning 01: 



Because of that, many people will assume it has 

no real value! However, making such an assumption

 could be one of the biggest financial mistakes those

 who make that assumption will ever make!

Fair Warning 02:



What we are going to reveal during this workshop goes

against 99% of what most Americans have ever learned  

 about money and wealth, and yet it has the potential   

to change your financial life and the financial lives of 

your siblings for generations to come!






4 PM Pacific & Again At 7 PM Pacific

Zoom ID:  526 223 5826 

Zoom PW: 654321


You may attend either one or both sessions if you desire!  Our purpose for doing two sessions is to help support our East Coast attendees who have different work schedules!


Fair Warning 03:



These Twelve Steps Are Steps You Have Never Been   

Taught BUT Fear Not As They Are Learnable and      

Doable Steps That Anyone Can Do. However;    

We Should Warn You These As Are 

Steps Most Will Never Do! 

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See You At The

Opening Bell!


During this 12 step program, we will tell you precisely what my son and I both did (and continues to do) that changed our lives! We will walk you through what and how we went from just a "Flat-Tire" from losing our home to creating our family bank! 


Now, let's be clear! Our route wasn't easy; it took several sharp turns, and in some cases, those sharp turns were painful, but we were determined just as you will need to be. However, you will learn that it is much easier than getting up every morning and driving to that "Job" that you are seldom appreciated for doing and often being paid far less than what you are worth.


One final note: We don't know anyone in America who has become financially free without owning a business. But what most people don't know is that owning a business in America today is simple, easy, and, often, absolutely "Free-2-Start," and you will still get all the support and training you will ever need! 


Your bonus for attending this workshop: We will set you up in a "Free Business" that is already making millions for people worldwide! And Yes! I Mean Free!

"That which you love will reveal itself to you!" - Dr. George Washing Carver
When two people walk together something unique happens. 
 One will speed up to keep up with the other or will slown 
down to keep pace with the other!
Come walk with us up the path to Financial 
Freedom and beyond and maybe, just maybe
we can help you find "The Millionaire" Within

  You!" - "the Colonel" & Randy


If you shoot for the stars there is a fair chance that you may miss!  But, would it be so bad if you only hit the top of of a mountion!   


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“the Colonel” & Randy

Carlton L. Dowdy, U.S. Army, (Ret.)

Dowdy Financial Incorporated 

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PS01: My son and I collectively own a total of 6 different streams of business related income. We will walk you through which provides the most revenue in each case. We will also explain to you why we selected each of those businesses.
PS02: For those of you who would like to "Give More To Your Local Church," my son and I will show you one of the absolute best ways to do so, and you will never feel that it comes out of your pockets.  Yes!  Crazy!  But True!
PS03: You have probably heard it said that one should "Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life!" Well, I beg to differ! I believe that one must "Choose what they must until they can choose what they want!" If what you have chosen cannot feed you and put a roof over your head, you need to choose something different. It's kind of like buying insurance. You must not wait to purchase insurance only when you can afford it; you buy insurance because you cannot afford to not own it. 
Case in point: Many years ago, I was trying to decide whether I should purchase a family and business legal plan. Although I thought it would be tricky to add those payment into my budget, something inside told me that I should bite the bullet and do it. So I did! Since that decision, I have had three attempted lawsuits against me. I had done nothing wrong but as you already know, being right does not always win!  Well, I won all three cases.  Man, I love my lawyers and will never leave home without them!
So what am I saying!  You must protect your family first! Doing so frees you mentally to proceed to do the things that propel you toward your financial freedom goals!  
Our Financial Disclaimer:  We have no licensed financial advisors, and the information on this website is not a substitute for professional financial services.


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See You At The Opening Bell!

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"the Colonel" & Randy

Carlton L. Dowdy, U.S. Army, (Ret.)


If you have ever used zoom you already know that you can participate on zoom without being seen and you may also use an alias if so desired.  The only requirement is you must email me if you want to participate in this workshop.  


If you have any debt, good or bad of if any of your family members have any debt, good or bad, what we are offering you here will change how you look at debt and life forever!


Fair Warning!  During my military career, I was often told that I operated too far outside the box! Yet, I retired in the top 5% of all U. S. Military Service personnel. My commanders always seemed to disliked like my approach but always loved my results!  Results! Results! Honorable Results is all that has ever mattered to me!  Register Here!


I loved the military!  After I retired and had to wear civilian clothes and apparently away went my edge.  But after a few years of being retired one of my friends branded me as, “the Colonel” and since that branding it all seemed to come back.  Before that I was just surviving.  But after that I returned to my very methodical and deep penetrating and critically self.  It was as if I had again dawned on my military uniform again.  

This may sound crazy but even to this day, after being retired from the military for 20 plus years, whenever I come upon a difficult mental situation I dawn my old army cap and sit quietly in my office, (just as I did when I was in the military) and invariably a workable solution revealed itself to me, every time.  Over the years I have learned how to Enter the ZONE at Will!  Learn More